Slogging through deep leaves

After one Mark Ernst’s intense hill workouts, I got up to meet a friend for an easy roller ski. It had rained and fall is in full force now, so I was a little worried about wet leaves, but decided that I could get through it so what the heck.  I clipped on my old v2’s and headed out.

I live within a few blocks of the Fox River Trail, a rails to trails paved trail here in Green Bay. Generally, the wind keeps leaves cleared off because the trail faces the river to the west where most of the wind comes from. Well, I was right about one thing.  There had been wind.  Apparently, all it did was invite leaves down for the winter, and they all landed on the trail, forgoing the quiet of the woods or the gentle lapping of the water for a slimey, mashed up finale under foot and wheel. What exactly is the correct technique for 1-3 inches of wet leaves, small twigs and an occasional branch?

I had some good saves, and bet some of them would have looked great in instant replay.  A front and back foot stagger helped when wheels would lock up because to many leaves wedged in between the wheel and the housing. Because the leaves were wet and slimey, I was actually skiing some of the time with my locked wheels.

Well, the weather was fabulous, I never went down, and the leaves added some resistance, so all in all, the outing was a success.  How’s that for optimism?


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