Promote the USSA goal of consistent basic coaching

USSA has been working for the last few years on trying to develop a basic set of terms, techniques and explanations that should be the basis and common vocabulary across all coaches that could be a feeder to national programs.  We should do what we can in all of our activities to try to aid that goal. It’s equally important to keep WINN out of the coaching business itself.  By that I mean that coaching, the handling of coaching programs and the specific agenda is not something I see WINN trying to influence. This should be handled by the existing coaching organizations and clubs. What we should be doing on this is to promote, both with grants such as the funding of the coach at the state high school coaches meeting, and with articles and other buzz, what exactly the goals are and why they are important.

I’m sure have all noticed that coaches have fairly strong opinions about how things should be done. If the USSA and CXC are challenged by the effort to convince existing coaches of the merits of the USSA program, we will not do any better.  We need to remain optimistic about the goals themselves, and just keep helping to get the word out.

Steps to accomplish this goal.

  • identify documents that spell out just what the USSA is trying to do
  • keep abreast of coaching events and opportunities where this message can get out and get it there
  • help sponsor clinics consistent with these goals
  • promote our involvement with this goal so coaches and skiers understand what we are doing and who we are and how we can help


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