Create a customized Ebay connection for used ski gear auctions

After a conversation with Jeffrey McManus from Ebay at a recent Microsoft conference, we should look into the idea of setting up a non profit auction site for used ski gear. Ebay has affiliate programs already where affiliates get a small extra slice of the proceeds of the sale, but Jeff told me to pursue a non profit version instead.  I will follow up on details.  This would somewhat reduce the problem of getting donations to young skiers when, for reasons not fully understood, skiers hang on to old gear until it’s completely useless. If the “donater” thought they were getting some of the proceeds themselves, and that some would go to a good skier cause, maybe they would more inclined to go ahead and do so.  The best news would be that once it was setup, we wouldn’t have to do much because Ebay would be handling the transactions and the sellers would be handling shipping.

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