Sponsor a junior skier to the Korteloppet

Phil Johnsrud’s idea is to have coaches nominate junior skiers to participate in the Korte.  Simple idea, just need to figure out how to pull it off and how many skiers we could do this for. We should try to get the Birkie Board to contribute as well so we don’t have to fund this entirely ourselves.  Phil’s other ideas included presenting a nice certificate for the skier who wins, signed by the team, the Birkie Board and by WINN.  A pin for a letter jacket might be a nice addition.  One benefit is that this could give the nordic coach a reason to be part of the schools awards banquet.

There are approximately 20 teams in the state so we would have to come up with our part of 20 entry fees and coordinate the prizes.

One response to “Sponsor a junior skier to the Korteloppet

  1. This task was initiated for the 2004 Korte with 14 junior skiers sponsored to the event. Phil Johnsrud took the lead and worked with teams and the Birkie office to get it done. We will look to expand the program for the 2005 Korteloppet.