Supporting CXC at the CXC Coaches Education Clinic following Wisconsin Nordic Coaches Fall Mtg

CXC will be doing a clinic for the coaches at the Wisconsin Nordic Coaches Fall Meeting in Iola, WI on Nov. 15th..  The meeting will be at the Iola Winter Sports Club – located on County MM north of Iola about 1 mile west of Hy 49. The clinic will begin at lunch by showing part of the USSA’s ski progressions video, followed by some as yet unreleased video instruction by the USSA.  The second video will cover techniques to help coaches get help to skiers that are having diffuculties with the techniques and concepts covered in the progressions. After the video portion, coaches can participate in roller skiing to help reinforce what they have just seen on video, or participate by watching the rollerskiers and analyzing technique.  Depending on weather, rollerskiing, skiing or dryland techniques will be used.  This should be a great event, coached by CXC program manager and well known coach,  Scott Wilson.

WINN has been especially interested in this sort of event.  The USSA has been promoting a unique American approach to skiing and has been trying to get these concepts more broadly known and understood through organizations like CXC as well as through it’s own clinics, videos and written material.  Regional coaches attend USSA programs and bring back the knowledge to pass on to others through events like this one. WINN believes that having a more consistent approach to the basics of skiing, the whole sport is improved, and of course it aids promising juniors as they progress up the ranks and move from coach to coach.

WINN will be providing financial assistance to CXC to help put on this event and is very pleased with our chance to help out in any way we can.


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