Weekend of work

Green Bay’s regular hill bounding class hit a new high in participation this week.  26 according to Mark’s official count.  It was great to see.  2 hours of sometimes hard, sometimes gruesomely hard excercises. All I can say is that thank God that skiing up hills is easier than bounding for 2 plus minute intervals. I’ve coined a new phrase that seems to be instantly recognizable by the others in the class.  Lactate delerium.  It’s that feeling when your heartrate isn’t going up any more, your breath isn’t that out of control, and black out seems very probable.  This week, we hit some new excercises that I think are really good.  We very slowly bounded up the hill, working on our static muscle strength and balance.  One thing I’ve noticed is that bounding seems to really hit quads and triceps, but when I’m actually skiing, it’s my gluts and those muscles over the hips that really whine the most in the early season.

Sunday was my first ever three hour roller ski.  I was skiing with Ashwabenon ski coach Scott Putman, and outstanding high school student Ryan Krueger, but fortunately for me, my v2’s were faster than the Aero’s they were on and I hung in there.  Today, I feel great.

One important note.  According to Mark, “

I did not mean to hurt you. You see, Phil N. was just kept goading me, yes taunting me to pull harder. You see Phil is bigger than me, stronger than me and somewhat younger than me…….. but I have a tremendous ego and I slayed him with the “devise” of his own making.  When you snick it into “Egodrive” ….prepare to be dropped.“
Ahem. This referred to offering each other resistance in a simulated arm poling motion where our arms are connected via an innertube. Somewhat younger?  We are the same age by a mere matter of months.  I give him credit for **trying** to give me resistance, but I put the hammer down, his arm pull is stopped COLD, DEAD, FINITO.
Methinks I may pay for these remarks next week 😉



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