WINN Annual Meeting Agenda

WINN Annual Meeting/Teleconference

12/7/2003 – 7:30 PM


1. Reading of Minutes from last annual meeting
2. Financial Report
3. Reports

  • Events
  • Web Site, Blog Site
  • Trails Council
  • Conditions report system

4.Other Old Business

5. New Initiatives

  1. High School Award – Phil Johnsrud
  2. Promote High School coaches league
  3. Start workgroup to study rollerskiing safety and road issues
  4. Start workgroup to study “Active Lifestyle“ and the anti-obesity role of skiing
  5. Coaches clinic(s)

6. Membership drive and fund raising

  • Promote WINN at events – brochures
  • Advertise in magazines and SkinnySki
  • talk it up at club meetings
  • Blogs for Skiers
  • Sale of Perfect Skating CD
  • EBay opportunties for non profit organizations

7. Election of Directors/Officers

8. Adjourn

One response to “WINN Annual Meeting Agenda

  1. I would be willing to commit some time for the road/roller skiing issue. I also have an interest in the ski club meetings category.