ISP sinking, sinking….

I have used WebHost4life for a couple of years now. It has been a great experience with very little downtime, fast help desk response and a very reasonable price. The last month has not been so stellar.

Both myself and another person I work with have accounts and the first thing we had noticed that has been a problem has been the email lists. Hopefully this has been resolved, but it did take a week of waiting, trying new servers, new admin interfaces and working with their tech support. Their tech support was still good though in the sense that they kept on the problem. But a week to solve this problem is not so good. If my skiing site wasn’t seasonal, this would have been a big problem.

I have noticed that Bloglines has occasionally had some problems with the feeds I put up and this morning the reason became clear. The database was becoming unresponsive and I was finally able to see what was happening.

“Sql Server does not exist or access denied”

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could do but wait for them to resolve the problem. It had to happen on a race day here in Green Bay. One of the bloggers using the site is a ski team that hosted a trail race today, and of course the race entry form was posted using the blog.

By the way this post is also an experiment with BloGTK as an editing tool. Can’t really say if it’s better than the FreeTextBox based editior .text has, but we’ll see. It least it runs well in my Agnula (audio linux distro) system so I don’t have to reboot back to windows to get the FreeTexBox advanced features that are only there for IE with the release version of .text. Unfortunately, the editer is not really WYSIWYG so the experiment is probably going to be over soon.


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