Important Information regarding state funding of state trails.

The ball continues to roll on the reduction of funding for our state trails. You can keep yourself up to date on the issues by coming to our web site at where the latest information will always be available.

There is some good news on the budget front already.

2 responses to “Important Information regarding state funding of state trails.

  1. I hope that you do keep funding for 8.25 employees for state park trail maintnance. I feel that it’s important to keep this under the state’s umbrella, to provide a long term cohesive plan for these trails.

    Should you decide to let this work fall under the various counties and municipalities, I fear that this would lead to the degredation of the systems. Wisconsin tourism would suffer, along with local businesses. These trails provide recreation for people of all ages. I have been a long term user of many of the bike and ski trails in the state over 30 years, and have seen the pleasure and economic vitality it provides to small town communities.

    Please reconsider reinstating these positions, to ensure that other generations can continue to enjoy these unique and wonderful outdoor places.

  2. Your comments are good. You should send them to somebody in the Department of Administration, the Governor’s office or to your representatives to have the most affect.

    I can say from experience that letting responsibilities fall to local authorities is a REALLY mixed bag. Local government is already under heavy stress and in my area of Green Bay, that would probably be paramount to a complete cut.

    Thanks for the comments, and follow up with some letter writing if you can.