End of the ski season

It’s 4 in the morning and I am waiting for a Storage Array Network to finish formatting and moving data as part of a logical drive expansion. My palms are sweaty. The last time I did anything like this, the array went south and I spent three full days, mostly without sleep while setting up, formatting, and reloading that piece of “high availability” gear.

So, in this late night hour, where the temperature is still above freezing, it occurs to me that I am probably done skiing for the year. That’s too bad, but like most people this time of year, the thought of a warm day, maybe on a bike, maybe sitting on the porch, sounds pretty good to me.

It was a very good year. The snow was not consistently here, but it was here on and off from December until now, and even now, a willful guy could find a way to ski without driving. This was not a six week winter. For me it was also a year where I decided to change focus off of technique and more on training well. Note, that does not exactly mean training hard in my case, though I had lots of hard days. It means that I followed a pattern of stress, strength and rest and kept it up reasonably well for an ameuter that I am. Alas, I am still not headed for the world cup, but it did end up getting my best ever Mora Vasaloppet time.

The year was especially good for all the things I was able to do this year. Once again, I headed off to Norway where I skied up in the mountains above Lillehammer. I skied alpine at Lutsen, xc at ABR, at Cable. I skied on groomed and ungroomed stuff. I skated and classical skied. Last weekend I did something I have always wanted to do but never found a way to get it done. I went winter camping in the McCormick Wilderness area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This was my first winter backcountry experience as well and it was great. Hopefully I’ll get pictures posted of all this stuff soon.

Of course, I did the American Birkiebeiner, lining up for the ninth time. My skis were good, the snow was good, the weather was COLD, but still good. I wasn’t so good. I dropped out at 18K into the 52K race and took the bus back to my cloths. The flu had made me weak. Ah well, there’s always next year.

Since this weekend is shaping up to be not much but sleeping after this system work, I doubt I’ll hit the skis then, and with the temps, I think it will be over. Time will tell but, I’m ready for the change of seasons!

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