How can you trust them with this when they have done that?

I was reading this New York Times
article this morning. It covers the case the administration makes for
its policy of making people enemy combatants, and thus to keep them
locked up, outside of the court system for as long as they want to, and
without any recourse. I’m definitely not the first one to think that
this is really un-american, exactly opposite of the freedoms we were
raised to believe in and that we stand for as a nation. This debate has
gone on for years now, and it seems our laws are not so clear on the
issue as we would like to believe. How anybody can’t see how simple it
would be to use their policy to imprison political prisoners is beyond
me. But it seems like it’s dragged on long enough now that people are
just forgetting about it. No doubt some of the people imprisoned are
really bad people, so why try to help them, eh? The key comes down to
the administration having the authority to do what it wants to based
only on its understanding of the facts.


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