Houghton fun!

I haven’t written much yet this year about skiing. I have not been idle
though. This year I have been helping to coach our local high school
and it has been a great experience so far. Though I love the geeky
aspects of analyzing ski technique, so far I think helping beginners
has been the most rewarding. It has taken a lot of time, and I have not
spent as much time as the head coach or some of the kids. I really had
no clear idea of how much time this would take, though coming from a
coach family like I did, there was no good reason for it. But as a
result, in spite of having missed most of the summer and fall for
working out, I’m now spending 5-6 days per week on skis.

Last weekend was a trip to Houghton for their Christmas Classic race
series. Two races, one skate, one classic, skiing against many of the
best collegiate and high school racers in the Midwest. Bad for me, I
focus on skiing against previous year’s times where I have a prayer of
success, but the whole event was great. The snow was unbelievable too,
in the lake effect band of Lake Superior. I left tired but happy.


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