Time to dig into some of the new phenoms out there

It’s pretty easy to just keep focusing on the same old coding topics day after day. Meanwhile, real energy is moving towards new ways to use the web. I’ve been feeling a really tangible surge in that energy in the last couple of months so it’s was time to start trying some of the new toys out.

They have been so far:

  • delicious
  • feed burner
  • technorati (my Technorati Profile)
  • my spaces
  • wiki (moin)
  • deeper into bloglines
  • deeper into my yahoo

All interesting but I have to admit that I haven’t found my way yet. Not quite true: I have found many more ways to surf for hours and hours. Sometimes I wonder if the social aspect of this is much more appealing to young people who are still very active in the pursuit of defining themselves whereas as we get older we are more in the art of refining ourselves. Or maybe I’m just thinking too hard!


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