Web Services vs REST grudge match

OK, walk away from the discovery issues, lets talk about web services vs REST some more. Did you ever pull from the early days of Web Service visions the idea of tools working with services to enable simple construction of software? Same question but did you think it could be used by power users as well as developers? I did. We are no closer today. The mashup thing is interesting and shows some promise because it seems to appeal to very non traditional developers, but it’s way too early to see how that will play out.

Three points of view…..

– It’s a trap! You know, CORBA, RMI and DCOM ultimately did not succeed at internet wide distribution so WS will not succeed either because the underlying design is wrong. more….

– It’s tech just waiting for proper tooling! Nobody wonders about how ODBC works anymore do they? It’s a non-leaky abstraction and we can make sure through tooling and testing that web services the same thing. more….

– We have no idea of how to make this work yet. At least make it easy for programmers to get their jobs done with simple well known technology. more…

The first attracts me like a moth to a flame it just seems so right! I have no idea to reconcile what I do now with that style. I’d be really happy if the second was true though I think it would lead to a more limited web overall. The third is what is kind of true today but is only of real use to programmers. My mind reels. I’ll be checking myself into therapy shortly.


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