Fun with phones and python

For a diversion from trying to get my head around the value or lack of value of WCF, I took up a project only a geek could love. I wanted to be able to manage my cell phone data from my computer, and it had to be with software that could run in debian linux because I didn’t want to have to reboot to windows just to get something off my phone. Enter BitPim, an open source package that works with a variety of phones from a variety of carriers.

Though it’s in release mode, bitpim is not the picture of polish. It tries to strike a balance between the IMPOSSIBLE US phone market where no two carriers will share any standard way of doing anything and users who might actually think they shouldn’t have to get a different piece of software for every phone they buy. Bitpim has a gui that supports a kind of neutral view of a phone: numbers, contacts, calendars, ringtones, wallpaper, media and so on, and then supports adapters for each phone. You might imagine there are some challenges with that and there are.


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