Fun with

I spent the week with members of in Chicago at the Millennial ROI Summit. What a great week it was. I went representing one of the sponsors, ASPPA, and the company I am with PAi. ASPPA distributed some fliers about fee disclosure and the iOme Challenge that I got a chance to talk about whenever asked.

I was really impressed with the number of engaged, passionate and knowledgeable people there. Everybody was so open in spite of being from very different backgrounds, political orientations, and organizations. I consider myself to be an independent, but where that seems to have a mostly negative connotation in the world at large, it was the the most common way of describing people there. Because of it, conversations were rich, varied, respectful of others and all about solutions.

I was also surprised to learn about how out of touch I, and probably a large part of the the US, are with where this generation stands on issues. Personal financial responsibility was voted their most important topic. The amazing people from Youth Build, who build homes and communities where things had not been going well like East Harlem, were a lot more interested in simple local solutions than government involvement. The winning proposal was one for philanthropy and wasn’t the only one. Financial literacy projects were probably the most proposed projects.

I was the old guy there. At first it seemed like people really wondered what the heck I was doing there at all, but by the end I was head first into conversations with pretty much everybody. Really a lot of fun, and I am still jacked up from it. I hope some of the people that asked for my card follow through and stay in touch.

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