Stone Porch Consulting is born!

The stone porch of Stone Porch Consulting

This peaceful place is a main living space for my wife and I from about May through September with a few glorious days thrown in during April and October. It is a place where conversations happen, where ideas are expressed, beat up, embraced or tossed out. The conversation might be family, politics, music, art, work, the future, or just people in general. We don’t always agree and are both pretty passionate about things we care about. But, we enjoy our company together here and we deal with issues here and it is OK to disagree. We also meet and watch our neighbors and their kids from here, something we miss a lot by the end of the winter.

In this calm place where things are are always fine, it was decided to launch my own business and leave the security of a good steady paycheck. It represents something missing in the high tech world, and probably in the world at large. This porch is 100+ years old, made of hand placed, rough cut field stone. Though it needs a little love from time to time, the mortar not as resilient as the stone to rain, snow, ice, bugs, vines and moss, it is strong, solid, peaceful, enduring and beautiful. It remains so during all of the changes around it.

Your projects, my work, they are full of potholes, the unexpected, the unintended, the unwanted. Embrace it, it is the real world. But there is a calm peaceful place in which all that can happen. Hopefully you can imagine that place too.

So the name has been chosen, Stone Porch Consulting. Definitely where I want to be, and I think you will too.

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