Slides and sample from the Chippewa Valley Code Camp

Here are my slides and samples from the Chippewa Valley Code Camp. Read the readme for details of how to run the code. Thanks to all who attended, the few and proud come to mind!

Visual tracking of workflow is really a useful thing to build into your systems. The list of gotcha’s in the slides and others I’ve found since, mean that this particular approach using the rehosted workflow designer, while viable in certain cases, is probably going to take more work to make it generally usable solution for visual tracking of workflow. The idea presented here to use a custom tracking participant and SignalR to broadcast workflow tracking events is simple and solid and with a little more goo to pick a “topic” using groups or hubs would work very well I think.  A little care will need to be explored to account for scaling if you’d do this with hundreds of users based on the overall design of signalr.

I also would like to point out a few other related projects, one that used a service bus instead of signalr and another that used signalr, but not a wcf behavior or visual tracking. Enjoy your reading!—distributed-tracking-visualization.aspx


5 responses to “Slides and sample from the Chippewa Valley Code Camp

  1. Link for slides seems to be broken with access denied error

    • Thanks for letting me know. Fixed. Also, I did download your project and see you do also have a WCF behavior so that part of my comment on your blog is no longer relevant. I am working on other WF visualization bits now, may come back to your project later.

  2. No luck getting it to build. Some missing xamlx file and RaceEventLibrary

  3. Dang! I’ll try it and fix it on a fresh green computer.

  4. There is an updated version of the samples. The offending libraries are removed, and the nuget install packages are present. I didn’t have a “clean” machine with VS2012 installed, so please let me know if there are any additional problems. Do read the readme though.