Twin Cities Code Camp: Evolving REST to Hypermedia designs

In advance of my talk here is the sample code and slides for Twin Cities Code Camp 2014. The premise of the talk is the move to having web api’s that are primarily data oriented to those those that include actions appropriate for the context and time via links. Using HAL, it is possible, but you also need a state machine to “calculate” the appropriate links. For that I am releasing my pet side project to accomplish that as part of this talk.

The demo source is available at github. There is a branch of the framework in that repo in a zip file. I will maintain the main branch also at github, restructuring it now that the talk is over and I’m not wrasslin’ with nuget and the directory structure I’d like to use.

Note that the version of WebApi.HAL i’m using is not the current version. I had to add support for a few key HAL components, curies, and type and profile attributes, to accomplish what I needed. These have been submitted as pull requests, but they are still working through some previous pull requests so haven’t incorporated them as of yet. Use my fork if you want the source. For now I used a nuget package included in the zip. You will have to add a package source source to use it.

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