Coding, skiing, jazz, a dab o’ politics. Life should never be boring.

As a coder my background goes back to the start of the web where after leaving UW-Green Bay where I got my feet wet, I jumped into work on the first corporate web site of Kimberly Clark. I was working between KC and one of the early internet creative groups, Organic Online. These days I have been more focused on backend techniques like Domain Driven Design, unit testing, and software patterns and most recently on workflow systems with a service oriented architecture. I like how these approaches simplify and improve systems design. I also dabble in music related software such as PureData and Lilypond and with various languages like ruby, scheme and python. A more complete description of my career is kept at LinkedIn. And now I have started Stone Porch Consulting to combine all these things into software that will really help people and make a difference.

As an active person, I am focused on endurance sports like cross country skiing and road biking. I am currently a coach for the Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski Team where I was the head coach for two years. I am also the president of the Wisconsin Nordic Network where I first got the idea that our sport should grow.

As a musician, I go back a long way. I started playing gigs while in high school on both guitar and bass. I wanted to be the next Jimmy Page, but found myself in jazz settings early because a local dentist had been a trombone player with Les Brown’s band back in the day. While in school for music theory and composition at UW-Eau Claire I got real jazz focused and during that time had the pleasure of playing with some great players including Milt Hinton, the Buddy Rich band and the very young Geoff Keezer. Since then I’ve rediscovered my early rock and roll roots and have blended jazz with funk, blues and latin/Brazilian styles. Over the years in the Green Bay area I’ve played in all the large festivals from Artstreet and Bayfest locally to Summerfest in Milwaukee. Locally the artists I have played with ranged from regular work with local greats Woody Mankowski, Christine Salerno, Jamie Fletcher and John Harmon. As a side man I’ve worked with touring acts like The Shirrels, The Platters, Bob Hope, Rita Moreno, and many many others. My greatest claim to fame is playing both guitar and bass on the cheer played at every home packer game, “Go Pack Go”!